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All Samaritan therapists are trained at a master's or doctoral level and are licensed by the State of Washington.

To learn more about a therapist, click on his or her name in the list below. 
Note: Initials indicate their counseling areas: I=Individual Counseling, M/C=Marriage/Couple Counseling, F=Family Counseling, C/Y=Child/Youth Counseling.

For information about counseling areas, click on the following:   
Individual Counseling   
Marriage/Couple Counseling 

Family Counseling     
Low Fee Clinic

Kay Abramson I, M/C, F
Anna Anderson I, M/C, F, C/Y
John Baumann I, M/C, F, C/Y
Laura Benton I, M/C, F, C/Y
Bill Collins I, M/C, F
Robert S. Erickson I, M/C, F, C/Y
Heidi Gray I, M/C, F
March Gunderson I, M/C
Margaret (Peggy) Hansen I, M/C, F
Beth Hess I, M/C
Mark Houglum I, M/C
Colleen Kelley I, M/C, F, C/Y
Natividad E. Lamug I, M/C, F
Caren Osborn I, M/C, F
Courtney Paine I, M/C, F, C/Y
Matthew Percy I, C/Y
Anne Perry I, M/C
Jim Ramsey I, M/C, F 
Michael E. Rogers I, M/C, F
Beverley Shrumm I, M/C, F
Jonathan Siehl I, M/C, F
Kimberly Snow I, M/C, F
Gary O. Steeves I, M/C, F, C/Y
Eric Stroo I, M/C
Maria-Teresa ("Tita") Subercaseaux  I, M/C
"Tita" Subercaseaux en Espanol I, M/C
Kevin Subers I, M/C, F, Y
Neal Teng  (bio is not available online) I, M/C, C/Y
Deb Thomas I, M/C, F, C/Y
Katherine Yoder I, M/C, F


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